Setting My Finances Straight

Signs You Should Talk To A Bankruptcy Attorney

The average American adult has $7,978 in unsecured personal loans (loans that don't require collateral). Loans support people when they want to make large purchases or they run into unexpected emergency expenses. At a certain point, the loans become more of a hassle than a help. With nowhere else to go, some households may consider filing for personal bankruptcy, but most people resist unless absolutely necessary. Open your books and look for these signs that you should consult with a bankruptcy attorney. Read More 

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Setting My Finances Straight

After I realized that I was way behind on my rent, I knew that I had to do something. I sat down with all of my bills, and I started evaluating my personal financial situation. Things were bleak. I realized that in addition to being sent to collections by several places, I also had a terrible credit score. I didn't know how to cope. However, a friend of mine suggested meeting with a bankruptcy attorney, and so I sat down to talk with him. It was amazing to hear how much things could improve by declaring bankruptcy. Overnight, creditors stopped bothering me. This blog is all about declaring bankruptcy.